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I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul


A serial entrepreneur’s blog

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About the Author

Phillip Elder

When asked what it is I do for a living, besides thanking God for my wife’s steady employment and unwavering patience, I often reply to eager faces with “Me? I’m a serial entrepreneur”. Initially, this has people rather intrigued. That is until they realise I am not the crafter of crunchy morning clusters they first imagined. I am a serial startup, a business builder, a company creator. Over the last seven years I have launched a swathe of extremely diverse businesses from small design and web development studios to event management companies and social enterprises. However, it has been a tempestuous ride, professionally and personally. While I may have experienced the thrill of business I have also weathered severe storms, battled mutiny, felt ‘cabin fever’, taken ill and have been left adrift on more than one occasion. I have suffered much pain and many losses for the sake of few successes. This is my journey. The experiences that have shaped who I am, the good and the bad, the infuriating and the embarrassing, the recent and the long, long ago. Recorded for your enjoyment and amusement. I genuinely hope you can learn from these experiences. Entrepreneur or not. Because regardless of the pain and frustration, the severed friendships and shattered dreams, what I believe makes my story unique is the immutably insatiable desire to do it all over again. A love of being the master of my fate. A need to be the captain of my soul.

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Captain's Log
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